Liposmart®: UFAT - Your Healing Harmony

Unified Fluid Adipose Tissue (UFAT) System

Starting from the unprecedented promise for regenerative solutions held by human fat, we have created liposmart, a novel concept and system, merging the central evidence that the regenerative potential of stem cells can only be exploited in concert with their own microenvironment (the stromal vascular niche), with the capability of making readily available a Unified Fluid Adipose Tissue (UFAT) derivative, recapitulating within a single product all the traits that compose the biophysical properties of the original fat tissue.


The human fat holds promise for unprecedented regenerative solutions in multifaced fields, spanning from the esthetic medicine to the treatment of osteoarthritis, up to the handling of severe peripheral vascular diseases, pressure ulcers and intestinal fistula, just to mention some of the ongoing applications. From the initial belief that the regenerative potential of the adipose tissue was only relying upon its own stem cells, we are now aware that these elements work in concert with their own microenvironment, the stromal vascular niche. The preservation of such environmental cues allows adipose stem cells (ADSCs) operating through a “slow releasing medium”, providing the recipient tissue with a wide-ranging profile of regenerative factors where, and when they are mostly needed.


liposmart® has been developed and registered as Medical Device Class 2a to harvest, process, and reinject human lipoaspirates. 

The system uses slight mechanical forces in a completely closed context, avoiding enzymes, additives and other manipulations, reproducible without user dependance.


liposmart® comprises a remarkably preserved vascular stroma with slit lumen capillaries wedged between adipocytes / preadipocytes and stromal stems containing vascular channels with clearly visible lumens.

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