solution liposmart

liposmart® has been developed and registered as Medical Device Class 2a to harvest, process, and reinject human lipoaspirates. The system uses slight mechanical forces in a completely closed context, avoiding enzymes, additives and other manipulations, reproducible without user dependance. Once the micro-fragmented adipose tissue is processed and washed, it is used to provide visco supplementation (mechanical support) and to release cytokines and biomolecules in the microenvironment that help the natural healing process of damaged or injured tissue. Such a system has been conceived for use by any trained doctor, keeping all surgical procedures as simple and effective as possible. The system has been designed for the purification and micro-fragmentation of the adipose tissue to be used for infiltrative purpose in the regenerative medicine as an aesthetic lipofiller or for tissue regeneration in specialties such as orthopedics, dermatology, plastic surgery, cosmetic gynecology, general surgery, and urology.