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Adipose Stem Cells are traditionally obtained after enzymatic digestion and prolonged expansion in vitro; however, their use is strictly regulated by complicated legislation. Therefore, in the past several years, strategies have been proposed to exploit the regenerative properties of adipose tissue cells through mechanical/non-enzymatic methods, and without expansion, resulting in the development of minimally manipulated products. Among them, micro-fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT) has been referred to as one of the safest, smartest, and easiest ways to use adipose tissue in regenerative procedures in a variety of clinical applications. Following this approach, the adipose tissue generally harvested through liposuction is processed by means of a washing and resizing device. Throughout this process, mild mechanical forces are applied, resulting in washed, emulsified, and micro-fragmented adipose tissue, with removal of blood and oil residues. 


liposmart® has been developed and registered as Medical Device Class 2a to harvest, process, and reinject human lipoaspirates. The system uses slight mechanical forces in a completely closed context, avoiding enzymes, additives and other manipulations, reproducible without user dependance. Once the micro-fragmented adipose tissue is processed and washed, it is used to provide visco supplementation (mechanical support) and to release cytokines and biomolecules in the microenvironment that help the natural healing process of damaged or injured tissue. Such a system has been conceived for use by any trained doctor, keeping all surgical procedures as simple and effective as possible. The system has been designed for the purification and micro-fragmentation of the adipose tissue to be used for infiltrative purpose in the regenerative medicine as an aesthetic lipofiller or for tissue regeneration in specialties such as orthopedics, dermatology, plastic surgery, cosmetic gynecology, general surgery, and urology.


liposmart® comprises a remarkably preserved vascular stroma with slit lumen capillaries wedged between adipocytes / preadipocytes and stromal stems containing vascular channels with clearly visible lumens. Immunohistochemical analysis revealed that the stromal vascular tissue of the liposmart® product contained abundant cells with the identity of mesenchymal stem cells and pericytes. Micro-fragmentation of the adipose tissue allows to process the tissue avoiding centrifugations and enzymatic treatments, obtaining a vital product ready for use. The fragmented and processed product through liposmart® is richer in MSC than the traditional lipoaspirate.

liposmart® is a device that allows the isolation of mesenchymal stromal cells from adipose tissue without the use of enzymatic digestions and without trauma, the lipoaspirate is micro-fragmented, cleaned of the oily portion of destroyed adipocytes and blood cells with saline solution. MSCs in adults are localized at the perivascular level in all capillaries of all tissues of our body, in the form of pericytes identity. Pericytes are structural cells attached to the outer wall of the microvessels and capillaries of the stromal vascular fraction which, once activated in response to the signals associated with the lesion such as inflammation or damage to the vascular wall, detach from the vessels, gradually transform into MSC activated regenerative and secrete chemokines and cytokines. MSCs secrete a variety of bioactive molecules that act in a paracrine manner by triggering and supporting the angiogenic, antifibrotic, antiapoptotic and immunomodulatory responses in target tissues. The immunomodulating effect, added to the pro-inflammatory inhibitory effect and the anti-inflammatory stimulation effect, is the basis for the treatment of degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and anti-aging.

With liposmart® importance is no longer given to the isolated stem cell, but to the action of the “stem cell niche”, consisting of the stem cell itself and a set of surrounding structures capable of regulating with its progression towards differentiation, maturity and tissue development. The adipose niche is a natural microenvironment within the adipose tissue containing adipocytes, pre-adipocytes, pericytes, microvascular cells and other cells incorporated into a collagen matrix and a dense vascular network. By retaining this microarchitecture, it will act by supporting normal cellular function during tissue healing and repair processes. The therapeutic goal is the reconstruction of autologous niches simply by moving niches of stem cells from one tissue in which they are abundant to another in which they are scarce. liposmart® obtains micro-fragmented adipose tissue with an intact stromal vascular niche and MSC with a high regenerative capacity